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Here Is All That Is Included In My Beginning Ballet Course

Six months worth of Beginning Ballet video instruction and practice exercises and a study guide of ballet terminology.

These 6 Instructional Lessons range from 60-80 minutes each and contain rich detailed instruction. You will learn and understand beginning ballet fundamentals including ballet terminology, ballet positions, movements, and ballet exercises. Each lesson builds on the previous one and is paced slowly and carefully.


These 6 Practice videos extract the exercises learned in the lengthy instructional videos above, minus the extensive instruction. They will allow you to practice the exercises in a shorter 20 -40 minute workout session. As you practice, you will feel yourself becoming stronger, more flexible, and proficient. These videos are confidence builders!


Your Ballet Terminology Study Guide: This handout contains definitions of all of the terms used in this beginning ballet course. 

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There is no risk and no obligation to try the free class.

About Any Day Ballet

  • This beginning ballet video course consists of 8 hours of ballet instruction over six videos, and a 20-40 minute ballet practice exercise for each lesson. Both videos can be taken as often as you wish. Combined, they make for hours of wonderful ballet exercises that you will love.
  • It was designed for new and returning students, ages 13-99.
  • You will learn the fundamental principles of traditional ballet technique from home!
  • You can complete this course in as little as 12 weeks, or stretch it out for as long as you want to suit your schedule and needs. For many students this level is all they need.
  • These 12, fun, and enjoyable lessons and practice exercises, taken at your own pace, will give you a comprehensive understanding of the basics of ballet technique, plus renewed strength, flexibility and confidence.
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  • Each lesson builds on the prior one and it is recommended you do each lesson at least 2 or 3 times so that you have mastered the material before going to to the next one.  The complete video course is yours to keep so you do not need to rush through it.
  • No special equipment is needed, just the back of a chair or a counter to serve as your Ballet barre.
  • This course is not recommended for kids younger than 11, as classes for younger students progress at a much slower pace than classes for adults or older teens. And younger children may not be able to process the verbal instruction as readily so they are  also more susceptible to picking up bad habits without a teacher's watchful eye on them. 

"Imagine my surprise when I saw your American Dance Institute listed in a recent issue of Martha Stewart magazine!"

Heather Dunning

"Hi Elizabeth,

I just wanted to send you an email to say.....thank you!  I am 35 and haven't taken ballet lessons since I was a small child, but have always had it in the back of my mind that I would try to take it up again as an adult.  

Imagine my surprise when I saw your American Dance Institute listed in a recent issue of Martha Stewart magazine I was reading as being in Seattle, where I live!  And then further delight when I discovered your online course videos, Any Day Ballet, as that is the best option for me at this time during the pandemic.  

I took your free introductory course video and absolutely loved your teaching style and everything I learned, and I am very much looking forward to the rest of the Any Day Ballet video courses I just purchased.

Hope you and Steve are doing well during this unprecedented time, and thank you again for sharing the gift of ballet as an adult."

You have a very warm and accepting energy which helps us to feel at ease.

Anne & Steve Any Day Ballet Students

"My husband and I are enjoying the free lesson! We are in out late 50s and mid 60s and are complete beginners but are very excited about learning! My husband loves it and it is so much fun to be learning together!!

After we do the formal lesson, we do the practice exercises until we feel like we start to master the moves a little more. The practice exercises flow so well and are a delight to do over and over again. It is a fabulous format for learning and we appreciate it so much! We look forward to it every day! In fact, we already feel both strong and elegant from practicing the moves!

Elizabeth, you have a very warm and accepting energy which helps us to feel at ease. You are such a wonderful and clear teacher, I am recommending this to my friends!"

I loved this 1st lesson.

Sheila S.

"I loved this 1st lesson.   Thank you so much!  I am almost 65 and was a competitive highland dancer then teacher for the first half of my life.  For the last 5 years I have battled issues with both my knees and  left hip.  Although I did get through the lesson and was even able to execute small springs with the help of a chair.

 My legs have not felt any bounce in them for at least the five years past.  Looking forward to building strength back into all my muscles.  Thank you very much teacher Elizabeth.

 ? ??

ps. I have just enrolled for the continuing classes. "

My first class was unbelievably complete.

Patrica Keene

Patricia Keene Sheila S.- Any Day Ballet Student

"My first class was unbelievably complete...could not imagine this much in a first class...but able to accomplish even though I am a senior...over 70.

The ballet vocabulary was well stated, which I appreciated since I had learned it many years ago."

I just did the first free class, and it was wonderful!

emine-Andy Day Ballet Student

Emine D. - Any Day Ballet Student

"I always wanted to be a ballerina but the little town we were living had no classes anywhere close by. I am 52 now and will do this. I won’t be a famous ballerina but at least I’ll learn the basics.

I just did the first free class, and it was wonderful. Elizabeth is a great teacher. Thank you so much for this."

I'm so happy to be a part of this school.

Esther Payne-Johnson's Testimonial in Facebook

Ester Payne J.-Any Day Ballet Student

"I have just taken my 2nd video class tonight at home and I'm so happy to be a part of this school. Much love from Arlington Texas!"

I'm three weeks into this course and I love it!

Erin Batten Google Review

Erin Batten-Any Day Ballet Student

Erin Batten's Google Review Cropped

Before COVID,  I was taking beginner ballet classes at another studio but after it closed, they did not resume lessons virtually. I did some Google searching for an alternative and came across the Any Day Ballet program from American Dance Institute.

I took the first class that was offered free, and really enjoyed it so I decided to purchase the program. I am 3 weeks into the course, and I absolutely love it! I can already feel myself getting stronger and making progress in all the barre and centre work. 

I look forward to class and, Elizabeth, the teacher, is just lovely. She takes time to explain everything really well at the very beginner level, and the classes build gradually on what you have been learning. I look forward to going back and retaking many of the classes after I am finished with the course.

Thank you so much for making this program available to us while we are limited to learning ballet at home!

Who Is Any Day Ballet For?

 This course is for students who:

  • Have never studied ballet before. 
  • Have studied ballet so long ago that they want a complete refresher course.
  • Want to begin now but the dance school near you won't start a new class anytime soon.
  • Are feeling self conscience about their body, age, or physical condition, but really want to learn ballet.
  • Are already active in other styles of dance or fitness activities but who have never taken ballet and want to enhance their efforts with meaningful cross training. 
  • Prefer to take some initial classes from home alone or with friends.

NOTE: All classes are on video, so you can watch them anytime and as often as you wish.

 Elizabeth Chayer 

 Any Day Ballet Teacher

American Dance Institute's Founder/Director 

"Any Day Ballet is a complete beginning ballet course with an emphasis on non competitiveness, proper technique and fun."  

"Lessons are presented slowly and methodically just as in an American Dance Institute studio classes."

Sample your first ballet class for FREE

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There is no risk and no obligation to try the free class.

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Rated 4.5 by 1,764 users.