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Ballet For Kids: In addition to the ballet for kids class offerings on this page, American Dance Institute offers a comprehensive selection of adult ballet classes, ballet & tap dance classes for ages 5-7, ballet classes for ages 8-10,  ballet classes for for ages 11-14,  and Teen ballet classes.

Ballet For Kids Ages 5-7

  • Ballet for kids ages 5-7, or Pre-Ballet, continues working on all the elements of our Creative Dance class series, but also introduces the basic ballet positions and preparatory steps.
  • Kids ballet classes focus more attention on ballet etiquette, terminology, musicality, and phrasing.
  • Progressing levels of our pre-ballet program gradually increase the emphasis on ballet technique, building the grace, poise, and strength required to execute the more demanding technical work in our ballet program.
  • Beginning students start in Pre-Ballet I. Promotion to levels II and III is by instructor recommendation.

The Importance Of Teaching via Ballet Syllabus

Ballet is a journey. As ballet students progress in their training,  their bodies grow stronger, muscle memory improves, and their confidence grows.

This combination of benefits allows them to continuously build on the skills and choreography learned in earlier classes. It is critical that they not be taught new positions and steps before their bodies are ready for the challenges those steps demand. 

As your child progresses, they may be assigned a new teacher. You will want that teacher to continue with the same syllabus and not change with every new teacher. That results in inconsistent, haphazard student progression and it can be risky if they don't have the proper foundation to build on. 

This is why a carefully developed syllabus is so important. Your child's physical health, safety, and progress is consistent, safe and seamless over many years. Their confidence and self image grows as well and who doesn't want a confident child with a healthy self image? :)

Pre-Ballet Class Schedule

  • We will offer live-streamed and in-studio classes through the session. All in-studio classes will adhere to Washington Department of Health COVID-19 guidelines. Masks are required for everyone.

Winter/Spring 2022 Class Schedule

February 7, 2022 - June 16, 2022

Winter/Spring 2022 Class Schedule

Winter 2022 Class Schedule

January 3 - March 27, 2022

In addition to our Fall, Winter/Spring, and Summer Sessions, we will be offering a special Winter Session for new beginning students of all ages. Our Winter Session runs from January 3, 2022 through March 27, 2022.

Winter 2022 Class Schedule

Fall 2021 Class Schedule

September 13, 2021 - February 6, 2022

Fall 2021 Class Schedule