Kid's Ballet Class Guide

Kid's Ballet Classes Guide Star Burst

Our kid's ballet classes in Seattle's Greenwood and Magnolia neighborhoods and in Shoreline's Ridgecrest/North City neighborhoods are organized by age.

Use this quick guide to help you find the right class schedule for your child.

Many parents ask us for assistance in choosing which of our kid's ballet classes is right for their child. We are happy to assist because it is very important to enroll each child in their perfect class.  Proper placement helps to insure a wonderful classroom experience

 Creative Dance Ages 3.5 - 5 

While not kid's ballet classes in a formal sense, this Creative Dance class builds a wonderful foundation for future ballet training as it works on body awareness, coordination, strength, flexibility and concentration. We believe young children should take at least one year of Creative Dance class, as it engages all of their senses, and most importantly, develops problem solving synapses (connections & relationships) in the brain. We do this by exploring movement concepts, then give the children the tools they need to explore, experiment and find a solution to a given problem. Science has shown the largest number of brain receptors are in the region that controls large gross motor skills so we capitalize on it. Our classes are essential dance training and thousands of Seattle parents, whose children have enjoyed this class, swear by it.

creative dance kids getting a good job stamp in creative dance class at American Dance Institute, kid's ballet classes, pre-ballet classes, kid's ballet

American Dance Institute Teacher, Kim, is giving each student a 'good job" stamp at the end of Creative Dance class.

Children younger than 8 are not ready for formal ballet training. Their bodies are not ready for the rigors of ballet. Their bones are still too soft, they have to build physical strength and they cannot yet focus their attention on the details required for proper execution of much of the ballet positions. Our Pre-Ballet classes will introduce the important elementary ballet work, but the class will be wrapped in fun themes and will incorporate a lot of the dancers own personal expression. They will have fun and feel like little ballerinas in our Pre-Ballet class while the important work is being done to build their foundation and the love of ballet takes root.

Pre-ballet students at American Dance Institute kid's ballet classes, pre-ballet classes, kid's ballet

A grande reverence is the elaborate curtsy performed by a male and female dancer after a performance to acknowledge the applause of the audience. In this case its their parents, grand parents, aunties and uncles.

Kid's Ballet Classes Ages 8-10

In our Kid's Ballet Classes for 8-10 year olds , students begin ballet barre work and, center floor work.. The students will spend at least half of their class time at the ballet barre learning the essential movement vocabulary and building muscle memory. The second half of class will be spent in center floor learning the  Port de Bras, Petite Allegro and everyone's favorite - Grande Allegro (big jumps, leaps and traveling steps). During the latter part of the school year, students will work on  choreography for their June studio performances.

Students from American Dance Institute's kid's ballet classes at the barre, pre-ballet classes, kid's ballet

Our Children's Ballet II students ages 8-10 executing a Grande Battement.

The material presented for the Junior Ballet students expands upon the Kids’s Ballet learning but is geared for the slightly older student. Being older, the juniors have a better body control and will, for example, work to increase extensions, expand their dance vocabulary, and combine multiple 'steps' together into one phrase. Being older, they will progress a bit faster. During the latter part of the school year, students will work on choreography for their June studio performances. Upper level Junior Ballet students are eligible to perform for the public in various community performances and events.

students from american danceinstitute's Junior-Teen ballet classes, kid's ballet classes, pre-ballet, kid's ballet

Students from American Dance Institute's Junior-Teen ballet classes, kid's ballet classes.

Teen Ballet Classes

Older beginning and advanced teens love the fact that they can take Teen Ballet Classes with other teens and not with younger students. We carefully place them with a group of ballet teens or into a combined group of teens and adults. At least two ballet classes a week is highly recommended to build the essential muscle memory needed as our teen classes typically progress fairly quickly. Serious students should also take a 'cross training' class in another dance style such as modern or jazz.

For a complete list of our Adult Ballet Classes please go here.

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We hope this guide was helpful. Please feel free to contact us if you have additional questions regarding class placement of your child.

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